Top 5 Google Glass Apps Under Production

We see google saying a lot of things about the augmented reality and how Google glass is going to fit into that canvass to open up a world of its own. It has been more than 2 years since google glass has been released for the developers but there are only few dozen apps available to download that too, the official version of any famous apps like Whatsapp, Blogger, Reddit and Facebook is not into existence yet. People use the 3rd party apps for the most wanted apps and those apps perform poorly on the Google Glass. However, on a different track, there have been some fine apps are in production and we are going to list some of them down below in our list of best in-production google glass applications :-

  • Instant Dossier – Google glass application developer team is working on finishing up a tool, that reads the facial structure of the person and searches it out using google image API to find the publicly available information about the targeted person form his social media profiles on facebook, linkdn etc. This is kind of a creepy but awesomely geeky app that would help you satisfy your inner yearnings to become the Robocop you always dreamed off. On a pragmatic note, it could help you make a good impression and get the conversation rolling with newly met folks! This is still in production and would be soon available for public consumption
  • Captioning on Glass (COG) – is another powerful tool in development by the students at Georgia tech university. This tool hears the speaker and translates the voice into text for the hearing impaired google glass users. This tool is still in its development phase but its limited beta release has shown some promising results.
  • Firefighters and Police Department Database :- A company named Mutualink is working tightly on preparing a tool that will give the fire fighters 3d floor plans even before they go inside the burning buildings so that they can plan better strategies, similar maps can also be used by the police and the medics to improve their efficiency and response times. This tool is in its early stages but its moving fast towards its release.
  • Race yourself – This is a virtual reality “endless run” game that is in development now with its beta already launched for download. This app collects data from your previous actual physical runs and manufactures a virtual competitor of yourself against whom you would be running. This can help you gauge the progress better with a fun twist of running against a competitor which has been created by your own actions!
  • Star Chart – This tool has already been released in the Google’s official Appstore Glassware store. This is a beautiful app that uses almost all the capabilities of the google glass from its GPS to its gyroscope to design a fabulous map chart on the sky. This tool was built by British programmers with the team of only 4 developers. This application even describes each of the constellations with a soulful voice, helping you unravel the mysteries of the cosmic universe.

We all know google glass has infinite potential to be something great but the application development on this device has to be fast and some of the ergonomic as well as the aesthetical features of the glass has to be improved on several degrees!