How the new Skype 5.0 sets itself strategically for the Chat tool battle Royal with it’s new Update!

Skype has launched its newest version, Skype 5.0 on June 12th this month for Iphones/iPads/iPods. This isn’t an update just for the sake of updating the software, it is a complete restructuring of the tool into a comprehensive modern video, audio and chat application that works across all the major platforms.

One thing that is visible right off the bat with the new Skype 5.0 on apple devices is the speed with which it works. It has become snappier, fluid and the cold launch time of the application has been stupendously reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second. This doesn’t make much difference for the folks who use this app scarcely but for the frequent users, it’s a great perk. Not just the performance has improved the overall user interface has been redesigned for better experience.

The older versions of Skype was built keeping in mind IOS 4, back in the day.  Till this release of Skype, it was just modification of the older codes to give the tool a fresh look with no real functionality enhancement but now it has been built from the core to target the requirements and need of its current capricious audience. With the emergence of the parallel competitors like Facebook’s Whatsapp and Snap chat, skype seems to be on the sidelines. And if it was not for the quality video calls that Skype provides to its users, it would have been completely crushed by its ruthless contemporaries.  We hope that this healthy competition goes on so that we can have the best possible tools at our disposal.